Aurora     au•ro•ra     /əˈrôrə,ôˈrôrə/    The dawn, new beginnings & horizons

Introducing Aurora by Courtney Rose, our new skincare service at Hopscotch Salon. Courtney is a dual New York State & Connecticut State Licensed Medical Aesthetician & Reiki Practitioner. Prior to joining Hopscotch, Courtney worked as an Aesthetician in Manhattan. She holds certifications in advanced treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels, Cavitation, Gua Sha facial sculpting, Microcurrent, Thermi250, Laser Hair Removal & IPL. Clients love coming to see Courtney for her nourishing touch, high-end treatments, specialty in acne prevention & collagen stimulating facials. Her hands-on facial massage & effective bespoke treatments yield clinical & holistic results for clients of all ages, skin types & conditions. Courtney’s vast & unparalleled product knowledge & belief in intention makes her an expert for curating skincare regimens made just for you. 


Courtney’s top priority is compassion, comfort & care when you’re in her treatment chair.

Aurora was envisioned to be a perfect synthesis of quality service & deep respect for healing with a mission to serve the well-being of all clients for the highest good.

At Aurora, Courtney offers bespoke treatments that benefit both your skin & spirit.

Courtney advises to come in once to twice a month in order to amplify benefits & maintain results as your skin regenerates every 27 days. 


Facials may seem like a quick fix but it’s important to be mindful & maintain results at home with your skincare regimen.

Courtney’s extensive ingredient knowledge & expertise make her a master at creating at home product plans for all her clients skin care needs.



At Aurora, Courtney personally offers a range of innovative facials, regimens & customized treatment plans to help you reveal your best self & feel confident in the skin you’re in!

Upon consultation Courtney will collaborate with each of her clients to develop a facial based on their individual skin type, lifestyle & personal desired outcome.

Mini Facial $100

30 minutes 

Emerge refreshed.

This reset facial includes skin analysis, double cleansing to wash away impurities, masque & antioxidants for balanced, hydrated & healthy skin. 

Options of enhancements for an additional price.*

Aurora Signature Facial $125

50 minutes

Designed to detoxify, this revitalizing treatment consists of double cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation to promote cell turnover, extractions for a clear complexion, followed by a hand selected masque to target your top skin concerns. 

Options of enhancements for an additional price.*

Bespoke Facial $150

75 minutes

Arise luminous. 

This mindfully assembled facial includes Courtney’s infamous deep pore cleansing, thorough skin analysis, specialty masques to supply your skin with essential nutrients & ample time for blissful relaxation.

Options of enhancements for an additional price.*


Achieve Nirvana.

Energy work is balancing & restorative. It is about recognizing & supporting your body’s own self-healing ability.

Reiki $175

60 minutes

Our true nature is bliss.

The Japanese words Rei & Ki mean “spiritually guided” & “life force energy.” Simply put, Reiki is energy healing. At Aurora, pain, stress & tension melt away as Reiki energy is shared in a safe healing environment that soothes, nourishes & relaxes you from head to toe.
For maximum benefit, a minimum of an 8-week series is recommended.*


Guided by intention, Courtney harmonizes her wellness philosophy with specialty facials, designed to promote long-lasting benefits to the mind, body & spirit.

Select enhancements included*


Teen Facial $155

60 minutes


The Porefessional $185

60 minutes 


Mane Tame $200

60 minutes


For those with facial hair*

Crystal Facial $225

60 minutes 


Gaia Facial $250

60 minutes


Pregnancy safe for our Mothers to be*

Brightening Facial $300

60 minutes 


Collagen Facial $350

60 minutes





Tie the Knot Package

Say I do & pamper yourself with this indulgent package.

Courtney will design a treatment proposal that aligns with what you envision for your special day. This decadent package requires your first treatment beginning a minimum of one month before your wedding. 

A three month package is ideal to enjoy maximum benefits*

1 month 2 treatments for $400

3 months 6 treatments for $1000


Prenatal Gaia Package

You are pure magic.

Honor & embrace the changes happening in your body to create a miracle. Allow yourself to see the beauty & feel empowered by what your body can do. 

This package is pregnancy safe & specifically tailored to the needs of those who are expecting.*


3 months 3 treatments for $500

6 months 6 treatments for $1250



For bonus benefits ask Courtney which enhancements may be best suited for you.


Invest in yourself & enrich your experience by complimenting your radiant skin with an equally rejuvenated neck & décolleté.

If applicable, available for an additional $30.*

Cleansing Crystals $15 per Crystal

Just like a crystal you’re one of kind, magical & perfectly aligned.

Each crystal has its own unique powerfully potent energetic healing properties. Courtney will select a crystal that most aligns with you.

Chakra Energy Hand Massage $20 ($25 for Feet)

Ask & you shall receive.

Chakra points are connected to our hands & feet. Courtney will set intentions for releasing your blocked chakra with massage.

Options of enhancements for an additional price.*

Eye masque $40

Eye masque with Jade roller $50

The eyes are the windows to our soul.

Courtney’s concentrated specialty masks are designed to depuff, moisturize & invigorate the delicate area around your eyes.


Neck masque $25

Décolleté masque $30


Gua Sha $40

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Gua Sha is used for improving overall health & radiance of the skin & spirit. It promotes a brighter complexion while visibly lifting & contouring. Jade & Rose Quartz are balancing stones tied to the heart Chakra. Jade brings good fortune while Rose Quartz is a crystal with calming properties which aids in meditation, reflection & selflove.

LED Light therapy $75

Enlightenment in a flash.

Designed for maximum benefit in minimal time. Targeted LED blue light therapy reveals healthy skin for acne prone clients while red light therapy stimulates collagen production for age-defying results.


Microdermabrasion $85

Reveal healthy skin.

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive form of exfoliation for your skin. It has been FDA approved for mild peeling & removes dead skin cells so your body can replace them with new healthier ones. It’s the natural cycle of your cells, only sped up. This enhancement will leave your skin softer & brighter. Ideal for clients with acne scaring, pigmentation from the sun, fine lines & open comedones such as blackheads. 

Microcurrent $95

Red-Carpet ready.

This enhancement is the most effective non-invasive treatment for an instant lift. Perfect for a special occasion. Every session triggers collagen & elastin production for immediately visible results & cumulative benefits over time. Based on your skin care goals a series may be recommended*



Butterflies are created through transformation. 

Peels regenerate skin cells, enhance tone, improve texture, increase hydration & your skins permeability post-treatment to boost the benefits of your skincare. For ultimate cell turnover results book a series of 3.


Peels are not recommended for anyone with hypersensitive or highly allergic skin, those who have used Accutane within the past year, or who have used a Retin-A treatment within the past week. They are also not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing.*


Lightest → Strongest


Sensitive Peel $50 (3 for $130)

No Downtime 


Glycolic Peel $60 (3 for $160)

Restored Radiance


Balancing Peel $70 (3 for $190)

Target Texture & Tone 


Porefessional Peel $80 (3 for $220)

Skin Rejuvenation


Restorative Peel $100 (3 for $280)




Please refrain from using Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Accutane, or any such derivative for a week before your waxing appointment.*

Bespoke Brows $50

Brow shaping includes a trim, wax & tweeze

Bespoke Brow Tweeze $55

Brow shaping includes a trim & tweeze.

For those who want everything but the wax*

Brow Tint $40 


Lash Tint $50 


Lip $15

Includes lower lip for an additional $5